Gaming is a particular passion of mine, and I’ve contributed a huge range of articles and editorial pieces to a range of sites over the years, with s-engine and (now defunct) Bits ‘n’ Bytes carrying the bulk of my work. These tended to revolve around musings on current gaming trends, as well as very public declarations of undying love for certain titles.

More recently I have contributed blog pieces to

I’ve also been in a position to contribute some bits of surreal humour to Groupon’s offering, too. Deliberately daft, these pieces tended to go out on or near major (and not-so-major) public holidays or events with the aim of helping to generate a bit of attention on social media networks.

Successes include Humanity 2.0, The Universal Mum Translator, and a course on how to Master the Art of Corporate Gibberish.

Take a look at my Contently page for some of the latest examples of my work.