Below are some details of a few projects I have been involved with.

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Gaming is a particular passion of mine, and I’ve contributed a huge range of articles and editorial pieces to a range of sites over the years, with s-engine and (now defunct) Bits ‘n’ Bytes carrying the bulk of my work. These tended to revolve around musings on current gaming trends, as well as very public […]


I’ve also written a wide range of ‘hardcore’ copy, both for sales and direct marketing. I have written up Groupon deals for everything from passes to the Burj Khalifa, to Saracens season tickets and more hair and beauty establishments than I can count. I even created a range of SEO-optimised merchant descriptions for their discount […]


Some years ago I gotĀ involved in the TooManyCooks project. Long story short, it was to see if a group of strangers could collaboratively write a novel in a week. From scratch. It made use of techniques employed in the creation of computer software. I’d be fibbing if I said I knew all the ins and […]

Side Projects

I have helped provide materials and support during various research projects. This included short films as part of a larger project looking into eyewitness memory, as well assistance in an experiment testing the manipulative powers of the worm used during live political debates on TV. Previously, I also volunteered at Westside 89.6FM. I produced the […]