Dreams 2 – G.G. Potus

Perhaps there is a theme here, you know.

Because, after previously facing off against an inanimate cat, I had a dream that was something of a sequel.

Like all good sequels, it played with similar ideas – it just went bigger.

I was walking around this huge, opulent mansion. I forget if I was part of a tour or not, but it didn’t seem like anyone was too concerned about me wondering around.

The hallway had a large, sweeping staircase that looked like it was made of marble or something. A dramatic chandelier drew your attention up into the tall ceiling, while a collection of columns held everything together.

And a large inanimate brown horse stood off to one side.

It was like a statue in that it simply didn’t move, but the hair and skin was all present and correct. It wasn’t made of stone, at least on the surface. It was all saddled up and ready to go somewhere, too.

Not really thinking anything of it, I moved into a long, carpeted corridor.

And past another horse. Smaller, but no less impressive.

Then I stepped through a door and into a huge office. I recognised it immediately; the carpet, desk and collection of sofas.

It was the Oval Office, in all its TV and movie-filtered glory. I was in the White House.

What I didn’t recognise was the ludicrously tall white and grey dappled horse loitering to one side, against the wall.

I don’t know why it was there. I also don’t know why was there. I’ve never been in real life.

I dimly recall trying to work out if they had an art exhibition going on or something. Then I woke up.

At least I wasn’t trying to feed the animals this time.


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