I was ill, not too long ago.

I’ll spare you the gory details, but it was enough to put my body into a peculiar state of… shock, I guess, with uncontrollable shivering, sweating and a sleepless night.

The following night I was able to catch up on my sleep. I was wrapped up in blissful, peaceful oblivion for something like 12 hours or so.

To say I needed it is an understatement.

Now, I know people who have odd dreams. Fantastical flights of fancy that could take them almost anywhere, at any time. I know other people who have gloriously cinematic dreams – the sort of thing that would make a great film script. Or dreams that have very clear, tangible roots in the real world, almost like a way for their brain to digest what’s happened. I know some people who manage to merge all three and stay sane.

Me? I tend not to dream much. I try not to read too much into it. Maybe I’m at peace. Maybe I’m lacking imagination. Who knows?

But that night, I dreamt.

I was in a flat – a strange mash-up of identifiable bits from at least three addresses I’d either lived in or spent a lot of time in over recent years. Nothing was too untoward about the place. Nothing was out of the ordinary.

Except that I had a small, snowy-white kitten. And adorable thing.

I’ve never owned a cat.

It was in the kitchen, standing over its food and water bowls.

Totally inanimate, on all fours. Just staring down at an empty food bowl.

It was more like a stuffed toy than an actual cat.

It still seemed happy, though. It certainly wasn’t annoyed with me. Or sad.

It just kept staring.

I wondered if I should feed it wet or dry food. I realised I had no idea what it preferred; I must have only just adopted him. Her? It.

I always thought I’d get a dog.

I don’t think I agonised over the decision for hours – but, considering how long I was asleep for, there’s a very good chance I really did.

The cat never moved. It just kept staring.

I poured some dry food in the bowl. Wet cat food always had a funny smell, and who knew what that would do to me when I was that ill?

The cat did nothing.

The dream ended.

What the hell was that all about?


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