Always Look on the Bright Side of Death

I’m a bit of a gamer, me. So I’ve spent a fair chunk of my weekend with Hitman.

As you slink through the dense environments, it’s easy to pick up snatches of conversation that expand on the plot and surrounding events bit by bit. You’ll overhear shady phone conversations about backroom deals, or people worrying about their dodgy dealings getting discovered. Or even just plain old fashioned gossip, snide remarks and rumours.

It’s all a very effective way to help build the world around you.

Important or particularly relevant conversations pop up with subtitles too, so you can focus on the information they give you, even if your speakers aren’t quite up to the job of rendering these snippets in a room full of chatting people.

These subtitles are also possibly the source of my favourite little oddity in the game – the fact that someone drowning gives you a subtitle simply saying:


It offers a pitch-black comic touch in what is basically a puzzle game about murder. A little something to offset to unsettling sight of someone drowning in a toilet bowl filled with their own vomit.

In fact, you can’t take any of it too seriously really. It could be dark and brutal, but slightly wobbly AI, some bad playing on my part, and little touches like this often makes this apparently po-faced, 18-rated game become a great, farcical comedy of errors.

And I love it for that.


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