Master of Puppets (or: Where’s The Benchmark?)

It’s easy to go a bit mad comparing your achievements to other people’s.

Especially when you’re in your late 20s or early 30s and you’re looking at professional sportsmen and women. They’re probably younger than you now. They’re healthier, better paid and most likely better looking too.

I try not to do the same comparison with artistic achievements. After all, it’s art – you don’t need to be alarmingly fit or have properly functioning knees to do it. Besides, trying to draw parallels between creative works can (and should) be notoriously tricky for all sorts of reasons.

But, all that said, I just saw that Metallica’s Master of Puppets recently celebrated its 30th birthday.

It’s a masterpiece. Annoyingly, it was written in a handful of weeks, and the band would have been a few years younger than I am now.

Safe to say, I feel like I’ve been incredibly lazy.


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