The Obligatory Oscar Post!

Ok, so 2016’s Oscars have been and gone. Everyone’s talking about Leo. Fine.

I want to tip the hat to the evening’s big writing winners – Spotlight and The Big Short.

But only quickly.

Because, as a long-time fan of the series, I’m a bit giddy at how well Mad Max did.

The original run definitely had its foibles, but that was part of the charm. Let’s face it though – up to Fury Road, Road Warrior was the only really great film in the set.

So they’ve come a long way – especially given how the latest instalment dominated the technical categories last night.

But I was disappointed that it didn’t get a gong for the writing.

It does so much with so little, and shows rather than tells. Sure, it’s a simple story and it isn’t exactly thought provoking (beyond “oooh, climate change IS a bitch and humans ARE brutal”), but every single line and action tells you something about the characters.

It’s economical, but still oh so very entertaining. A rare breed.

In other Oscar news (“news”), I don’t wish to take anything away from Sam Smith’s win for original song, but I struggled to name another original song from any film this year. Still, I may not be a huge fan of Writing’s On The Wall, but it drilled into my skull when I did this little exercise this morning, and it won’t budge. I guess this means the award was well deserved after all.

Finally, everything I’ve read so far suggests the real winner of the night was Chris Rock. Standard.



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