Scoring Cheap Shots

Last week I posted about checking your work.

I had a little look at the news over the weekend, as you do, and saw this unfortunate caption under a video’s pre-play still. The video is of US Presidential hopeful (and bringer of doom) Donald Trump addressing supporters after his win in the South Carolina primary.


Now, personal opinions on Trump aside, initially I was going to point out how someone didn’t check their work.

I mean, you’d have assumed they could select the still that’s used before you hit play. The caption or the image could have been tweaked so the two were a little more in sync.

But then I wondered, what if it’s someone’s ultra-subtle dig at Trump and his family? A cheeky way to score a cheap shot because they weren’t a fan. A deliberate mistake we could just write off as an amusing juxtaposition because, obviously, his daughter does actually pop up in the footage when you watch it.

In the end I did just that and wrote it off as just as amusing juxtaposition. A minor example of what can happen when you try to rush to get content out.

But this is the thing with the Internet – it’s full of smart-arses. When slip ups do happen, you’re often left wondering how deliberate they are.



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