Lessons From the Bar

I quite often use a big old bar runner/ mat type… thing as a mouse mat. It adverstises a well-known spirit.

It gives me plenty of room. It also harks back to carefree days when, as a student, I stole it from a pub because it looked cool. Happy times.

Now, it also serves as a potent reminder – double checking everything I type is a good idea. Because besides looking nice, the mat also has this printed on it:

“Your friend’s at [BEVERAGE NAME REDACTED] remind you to drink responsibly.”

I’m not one to be too uptight on the punctuation and grammar front, but that rogue apostrophe in ‘friends’ always annoys me.

And it stares at me, every day. A constant and very real reminder to proofread everything.

That said, this mat was never intended to be read by anyone. Not really. It was designed to be useful, pretty and remind you what to order when you’re standing at the bar.

It’s harder to get away with slips like this when you’re writing things that are there to be read. It doesn’t matter how drunk a reader may or may not be.

Of course, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s in there as some kind of sly joke. If you can’t spot the deliberate mistake, you’ve had too much. That sort of thing.

But then maybe that would be giving a humble bar mat a little too much credit.


Update 16/2/16 – Shout out to James Foot for spotting I had “proofread” typed as “proof read”. The irony is not lost on me.


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