Awards Season

So I’ve been looking at the list of Writers’ Guild of Great Britain 2016 award winners.

In particular, I was genuinely excited to see one of my favourite games of last year, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, pick up the gong for best writing in a video game.

I’ve already posted a love letter of an article about it on S-Engine, but it really is great to see it getting some recognition for the story. Depending how deep you want to dig into it, you can enjoy the Emmerdale-esq country soap opera touches, moving monologues or have your mind blown by existential questions that’ll bug you for weeks.

And I’m pretty sure I’ve still not seen everything it has to offer.

As much as anything, it’s great to see the WGGB shortlist showcasing¬†indie talent. Especially when so many American awards seem to focus on big triple A titles.


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