Something Like a Manifesto

I often hear about the fact that writers should have and maintain personal blogs and a very active social media presence.

That’s fine, but I’m pretty sure its just something the gatekeepers and people holding the purse strings think. “If you can’t market yourself, why should I think you can market me?” Etc. Etc.

What if the people that are working the hardest for their clients are spending all day on Twitter and the blogs? What if they are so sick of them by the time they clock off they just want to switch the computer off, rather than bang on about themselves online?

On top of this, I reckon actual writing – really creating something like a book or a film – takes time and effort. I’d argue “proper” writers (if there is such a thing) are stereotyped as a pretty introverted, reclusive bunch¬†because if this. Their work will probably only be unleashed on the world when it’s ready, and they’ll lock themselves away from the world in the meantime.

So don’t expect hourly updates from me, or daily blogs featuring more and more inane content. I’ve tried it and it gets silly.

Here, you’ll get the bare minimum to show I’m not dead, and that’s it.

Besides, I’d rather be writing than live tweeting my breakfast or whatever.


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