A Tip of the Hat

So, with the news that David Bowie has passed away, I felt compelled to give him a quick salute.

Like so many others, I’m was a huge fan. And to say the man had a way with words is selling him massively short. But he did.

I remember seeing a documentary a few years ago. It was a re-run of a one that followed an early American tour of his. At one point it showed him cutting up a sheet of words and phrases, then just rearranging them until he liked the sound of what he had in front of him.

Now, I’m a huge fan of odd sentence structures, but this was something else. Not least because this is the ever-enigmatic Bowie we’re talking about.

How deliberate was this process? Was it staged for the cameras to add another layer of mysticism to his work? Is a lot of the poetry in his lyrics just what we’re inventing as we listen?

I’m listening to Blackstar, his latest/ last album, now. I still can’t suss him out.

And his relative silence on his work was a breath of fresh air in this age of social media and “look at me” mayhem.

So thank you for reminding us there’s still a place in the world for magical artistry, mysterious poetry and belting tunes.


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